Let Self Recycling, Inc. help you get the MO$T for your scraps! We can assess your waste and suggest which should be pulled from your waste stream. Once identified, we will recommend methods to collect them for marketing.
We can provide all transportation for material. Material is shipped by truck, rail or container. Suppliers who wish to deliver material to the mill may do so, (provided they meet all insurance requirements) simply by contacting us.
Self Recycling, Inc. Services

At Self Recycling, Inc., our commitment to service remains unsurpassed in the industry! We guarantee 24 hour service from the time of notification, with a large percentage of service occurring the same day. We maintain a diversified fleet of equipment to better serve all of your recycling needs:

  • Roll-Off Trucks to service either 16, 20, 30, or 40 Cubic Yard Containers

  • All Trucks equipped with Radio-Based Cell Phones

  • Roll-Off Trailers to service large containers, 40 to 60 Cubic Yard Containers

  • All Types of Trailers

  • Three 70 foot Truck Scales

  • Digital Rail Scale

  • Over 1,000 pieces of Equipment for Placement at Your Site

Custom Equipment
We can build custom equipment to fit unique circumstances such as security or environmental concerns or space restrictions.