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Let Self Recycling, Inc. help you get the MO$T for your scrap!


Turn scrap into CA$H at Self Recycling, Inc.

If today is a typical day on planet earth, humans will add fifteen million tons of carbon to the atmosphere, destroy 115 square miles of tropical rainforest, create seventy-two square miles of desert, eliminate between forty to one hundred species, erode seventy-one million tons of topsoil, add twenty-seven hundred tons of CFCs to the stratosphere, and increase their population by 263,000.
Recycle with Self Recycling, Inc.

Materials We Accept:

  • Steel Scrap - Structural Steel, Sheet Rolls, Coils, Cast Iron, Punching, and Oversized Equipment

  • Metals - Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Special Alloys

  • Paper - Cardboard, Newspaper, and Mixed Office Paper

  • Trash Removal (contact us for prices and service areas)


    To recycle your scrap, simply bring them to one of our recycling centers. We will weigh them and then provide payment (as described below) for the value of your scrap based on total weight.


    In most cases, our long-term contract prices are based on industry specific publications that quote current market prices. This insures that you the customer get the most up-to-date pricing available. And that your price will go up as the market goes up.


    All material delivered to our yard is paid for immediately by cash or check. All material that is credited to a customer's account is settled the following week, unless other arrangements are requested.